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Dr.G. or Dr. Gina Moore-Sanders, is the owner of SWAG 77 – the Star Wars Actors Guild – dedicated to broadcasting the best of Star Wars and Disney through social media entertainment and performance.

SWAG 77 was founded under her business, Ariafya LLC when she got a call from an exasperated parent whose daughter was being cyberbullied. After looking into it, she found that “roleplaying or RP” was unorganized, not standardized and hurt fans.

She changed that.

She holds a doctorate in molecular genetics and is an avid student of online behavior on social media. She found that education helps young people excel in their real lives.

That was not fraught with disaster when she was cyberattacked with her accounts being hacked, verbal assaults on her performances, called racial epithets slandering her real name, and threatened with physical violence, such as rape and killing.

All for being creative enough to write a fan fiction on Star Wars.

Her two main fictional accounts that she has created are:

Senator Yemaja Mlise Lah

Auset Lah

Along with working with Josh Spaugh, together they have created the conglomerate of pages that reflect the best that Star Wars has to offer.

She was written and published several fan fictions and now she is expanding to other verses.

She established a insights that determine the effectiveness of storytelling to an audience. It helps to promote pages across the internet and have fans begging to see more performances presented by SWAG 77.

She says:

Now when you see a SWAG 77 production, you know you have the best of quality in social media entertainment and performance.


She loves social media, she loves entertainment, she loves performance and she loves Star Wars. That is how she built this business.

Her goal of attended Star Wars Celebration VI as an Exhibitor was realized. She dedicated her fan table to making the outreach to thousands of fans.

She has caught the eyes of numerous celebrities of Star Wars watch the SWAG 77 performances unfold.

Of the celebrities who support her efforts are:

  • Stephen Stanton
  • Rick Fitts
  • Dave Fennoy
  • David August
  • Li Reznick
  • Pam Rose
  • Luther Campbell
  • Sinbad
  • Holly Robinson Peete
  • Katie Lucas

The star power she brings is purely by telling good stories on social media.

When a story is told well, people watch. What is that worth to a production company? To know what your audience wants to see?

The social media entertainment method has caught the eyes of several bestselling authors:

  • David Farland
  • Kevin A. Smith
  • Rebecca Moesta
  • Dean Wesley Smith
  • Kathryn Rausch
  • Timothy Zahn


She says:

Social media audience is very hard to build for new products without large corporate budgets. Then audience follow-through to the final end-product is difficult to measure without campaign. What we do at SWAG77 is build that effort and energy through measured and focused efforts combining, creative talent, marketing, social media outreach and art so that the best entertainment can be provided with a respectable price point. And it is fun!


To see her projects, visit the SWAG 77 Facebook Fan Page, this blog, and her character pages. She is also on Youtube, Twitter, and Google+.

In addition to loving Star Wars and entertainment, she has many other interests! Sistah Mental Health and Wellness – her health based initiative, and Sistahs of Hollywood Heaven – features posthumously famous actress and performs them on social media.


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